Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment Textbook Policy: 

     The Process:

    1. The student meets with his/her guidance counselor for dual enrollment course approval.
    2. Once approved, the student should enroll in the course(s) as early as possible. Postponing enrollment can lead to a delay in receiving textbooks.
    3. PSC and UWF will send a copy of the student’s schedule to the school.
    4. The guidance counselor will provide the dual enrollment schedules to the textbook coordinator so he/she can find the books needed. The textbook coordinator will first try to fill the textbook request with their school’s inventory of dual enrollment books. Any books which can be filled by the school’s inventory will be given to the student. To acquire books not in the inventory, the textbook coordinator will place an order with the PSC or UWF bookstore using the bookstore website.
    5. It is recommended that each textbook coordinator keep a simple log to track their online orders. This log should contain the confirmation number and the student’s name. A confirmation number is a long number beginning in 325. The bookstore only needs the last 4 digits of this number to find the order in their system. Providing the confirmation number and student name should help expedite the resolution of any order issues.
    6. The textbook coordinator will contact the student (using the phone number or email provided) to let them know that the order has been placed. He/she will notify the student that their PSC or UWF order will be ready for pick -up at the bookstore within 48 hours. He/she will also remind students that the bookstore is very busy. In order to save unnecessary trips, the bookstore will call the student (using the number provided on the online order) to let them know their books are ready for pickup. He/she will also notify them to come by the school first, before going to PSC or UWF, to pick-up a copy of the online order receipt or confirmation number. Any books that the high school has will be given to the student at this time as well.
    7. Please tell your students the following information about the process they should use to pick-up books. They will need their internet order confirmation number and a photo ID. When they arrive at the bookstore, they should give the bookstore personnel their order confirmation number and ID. The books will have been pulled for them already since the orders were sent in advance. The store personnel will go get their bag of books. The students should not ask bookstore personnel to pull books off the shelves as their orders are already bagged and are awaiting their pick-up. They will receive their books in a bag and will need to sign the receipt before leaving with the books. Also, please remind them that the bookstore is very busy and orders will be filled within 24-48 hours.
    8. The school district saves significant textbook dollars by collecting dual enrollment textbooks in a timely manner and reusing them for the upcoming terms. Efforts are made to reuse the textbooks the district already has in stock. For this reason, we expect students to return their dual enrollment textbooks to their school as soon as their final(s) are complete.


    Note: The procedure detailed above is for dual enrollment courses taught on PSC and UWF campus(es). To acquire books for on-campus (high school) dual enrollment courses, follow this procedure.

    • Check textbook stock (at school and across district) against course enrollment.
    • If books are needed, complete the order online through the UWF or PSC bookstore.

    PSC Bookstore Information: phone – 850-484-1507 / fax – 474.9833 / email: 0325mgr@fheg.follett.com website – EFollett Bookstore (then choose state, college, and campus)

  • Textbook Coordinators:

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