Student Transfers

  • Student Transfers

    Residential School Assignment- Parents/Guardians may establish residence for purposes of school assignment by taking one of the following and registering at the residential zoned school.
    1. Provide documentation of homestead exemption which identifies the head of household and the address of the dwelling used as the homestead; or
    2. Provide copy of lease agreement or rental receipt which indicates the location of the residence, parties to the agreement and the effective date; or
    3. Provide copy of a current electric, water or gas bill documenting the customer's name and address where the service is provided and a form signed by the parent/guardian stating that he/she and the student reside at the address on the document.
    4. If you are living with someone else, you will need an electric, water or gas bill of the individual you and the children are living with, as well as, a letter from the individual stating your name and children’s names. If your children are high school students, the letter must be notariozed.
    5. You must have custody and /or guardianship papers for the children that reside with you in order to register them.

    Out-of-District Transfers – Requests are handled at the Office of School Choice, 30 E. Texar, Pensacola, FL
    The parent(s)/guardian(s) shall fill out a form in the Office of School Choice requesting for their child(ren) to be transferred to a school out of their respective residential school attendance zone. The parent/guardian shall be responsible for submitting any additional information that may be needed.  

Approved Reasons for a Transfer

  • Transfers may be granted for the following reasons:

    A transfer may be granted for eligible students to participate in approved district academic or technical courses. Students granted a transfer must maintain passing grades, acceptable behavior, and attendance. Transfers for students who withdraw from the course prior to completion should be recommended for rescission. The Office of School Choice will monitor each transfer request for academic reasons and notify the home school of the numbers and academic reasons. Should the principal of the home school decide to add the specific course(s), then all students who requested a transfer shall be denied.
    b. Requests/application for transfers to enroll in other schools or technical programs must be submitted no later than January 31st, prior to the year the student wishes to enroll.
    c. Requests for students new to the county may be considered at any time.

    Completion of the Current School Year
    Students moving out of the residential attendance zone during the school term as a result of the relocation of the family residence may be granted a transfer to complete the school term in his/her current school. Transfers to complete the school term shall be subject to the student maintaining acceptable behavior, attendance and the amount of time remaining in the school year. The recommendation of the principal shall be considered.

    Exit Year
    a. Upon relocation of the family residence during the summer prior to the beginning of the terminating (exit year) grade, an elementary or middle school student may be granted a transfer to complete the final year in the school if he/she has been enrolled for the two previous years.
    b. High school students having completed the first semester of the junior year shall be granted a transfer to complete the senior year.

    Higher Performing Public Schools
    a. As provided in Section 1002.38, Florida Statutes, students who spent the prior school year in attendance at a public school that has been designated as earning a grade "F" or three consecutive "Ds" as based on the statewide assessments (or has been assigned to such a school for the next year) shall be eligible to transfer to a higher performing public school with a grade of "C" or better.
    b. Students who use the option to transfer shall be enrolled in classes and other activities in the public school to which the students transfer in the same manner as all other children at the public school. Deadline will be during the summer of each year and set by the Office of School Choice.

    a. Illness or physical disability - Transfer requests based on an illness or physical disability of a non ESE Student shall be supported by a written recommendation by the attending physician and/or a 504 Plan.
    b. Students not eligible to receive Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services but experience emotional, mental or other psychological disorders may be granted a transfer to another school. Transfer requests shall be supported by a letter from a licensed mental health professional recommending a transfer and /or a 504 Plan.

Duration of Transfer

  • Once granted a transfer under this policy, a student may continue enrollment in the receiving school through the exit year provided the circumstances upon which the transfer was granted remain unchanged. Failure to report to the Office of School Choice within 30-days any change of circumstances in which the transfer was granted may result in revocation of the transfer and the student's return to the original designated school. Students granted a transfer must maintain passing grades, acceptable behavior, and attendance. If the student fails to maintain passing grades, demonstrates unacceptable behavior, incurs excessive tardies or unexcused absences the principal at any time can request through the Office of School Choice for the student to be returned to their home school; however, no request for return transfer may be considered by the Office of School Choice until the principal demonstrates that a good faith effort has been made to employ parental assistance to rectify the student's deficiencies. Parents will be notified in writing and given 10-days to withdraw the child(ren).

Penalty for Misrepresentation

  • Attempts to circumvent the assignment/transfer procedure shall be grounds for denying a request or revocation of the transfer. Additionally individuals that provide false statements on the transfer or assignment request with the intent to mislead may be subject to related penalties as provided in Sections 775.082 or 775.083, Florida Statutes. 



  • Transportation for students who are granted an out of district zone transfer shall be consistent with current transportation guidelines. Transportation for transfer students shall be on a space available basis with permission of the principal and limited to existing routes and stops within the attendance zone of the receiving school.

Limitations of Transfer Due to Capacity

  • Facility Capacity - Physical space must be available at the requested school prior to transfer. Transfers shall not be granted into schools if the current enrollment equals 95% of the facility's permanent capacity.
    Program Capacity - Transfers shall not be granted into district approved programs beyond the program's established capacity.