Charter Schools


    As required in s.1002.33(6), F.S., a school board receives and reviews all charter school applications and, within 90 days of receipt, must approve or deny the application. All charter applicants must prepare and submit an application on a model application form prepared by the Department, which:

    • Demonstrates how the school will use the guiding principles.
    • Provides a detailed curriculum
    • Contains goals and objectives for improving student learning.
    • Describes the separate reading curricula and differentiated strategies.
    • Contains an annual financial plan

    If a school board denies an application, it must provide specific written reasons within ten (10) calendar days. The charter school applicant then has thirty (30) calendar days to appeal the denial. The appeal is reviewed by the State Board of Education and the State Board’s decision is a final action subject to judicial review.

Escambia Public Charter Schools