Enrollment Services FAQ's

  • Enrollment Services -- Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is transportation provided if I am approved for School Choice (Enrollment Services)?

    • Transportation is not provided for students who are approved through School Choice for another school.

    2. How do I apply for School Choice in Escambia County?

    • You can apply HERE

    3. I have a FOCUS Parent Portal account but cannot locate my student's ID Number / cannot remember my username or password.

    • Ask your child for their Student ID Number (Lunch Number), if they do not know their number:
      • CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS: contact the technology coordinator at your school
      • STUDENTS NOT YET ENROLLED: come into the School Choice office with a valid ID
    • For additional help with your FOCUS Parent Portal account, click HERE

    4. If my student was approved during this application window, will they have to reapply next year?

    • Once approved, students are authorized to attend their School of Choice through the highest available grade at that school. New applications are required when students are promoted to the next school level (5th to 6th or 8th to 9th). See the Controlled Open Enrollment Plan for exceptions that require reapplying for School Choice.

    5. Will an application submitted on the first day of the application window be given preference over an application submitted at the end of the window?

    • Applications submitted during open enrollment are given equal consideration, regardless of whether they were submitted on the first day or the last day of the application window. Applications to Magnet schools are subject to the Lottery procedure. The School Board approved Magnet and Controlled Open Enrollment Plans establish procedures that are used to select students.

    6. May I edit the application after I submit it?

    • Please submit a new application should any changes need to be made. 

    7. What if my child's FOCUS account information is incorrect? 

    • Contact the technology coordinator at your child's school

    8. What happens if I decline my School Choice approval?

    • If you decline the School Choice approval, your child will attend their zoned school.

    9. How many schools can I apply for through School Choice?

    • DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT: you may select three different schools to apply for
    • ALL OTHER TIMES: you may only select one school to apply for

    10. The school I want is overcapacity, can I still apply?

    • You are not able to submit applications for overcapacity schools. You may add your student's name to the waiting list on the Enrollment Services website. 

    11. If a student is attending an Escambia County school via School Choice, will their sibling be given preference when seeking the same school of choice?

    • Placement of siblings within the same school is facilitated whenever feasible provided the appropriate educational services are available for each sibling and placement does not impact class size. Siblings must reside within the same household or documentation of joint custody must be provided to qualify for sibling preference.

    12. If a student is attending an Escambia County school via School Choice and their sibling will be entering an Escambia County school for the first time, does the parent need to fill out a School Choice application for the second child when seeking the same school of choice?

    • Yes, each student must have their own School Choice application.

    13. Next year my child will live in the zone, or we have a contract for a house in the zone. What do we do?

    • When your child lives in the zone, you will need to contact that zoned school for enrollment. If you have a contract for a house that is in that school's zone you will need to come into our office with the contract showing the house will be completed at an address that is within that school's zone.

    14. I reside outside of Escambia County. What do I need to do to apply for School Choice?

    • Escambia County, Florida no longer accepts applications from out-of-state students. Students who reside in Santa Rosa county need only provide proof of residency and submit the School Choice application.

    15. Where do I apply for Charter Schools?

    • Each charter school conducts its own separate selection process. Please consult the charter school's website for further details.

    16. What if I don't have a computer?

    • Public access computers are also available to fill out school choice applications in our office.

    17. Is a valid email address required to submit an application electronically?

    • Yes, a valid email is required.