• Elementary School Program

  • Students in the District Extended Program (DEP) can volunteer at Longleaf Elementary School if they are interested in working with children, the food service industry, or the custodial field.  This site has an on-site DEP Job Coach that helps to assist with vocational training.  The DEP Job Coach is responsible for job assignments and working with each student that is assigned to this school.   Students work in various classrooms assisting the teachers, the cafeteria, and with the custodial team to develop skills that will help them prepare for a paid position in the community.  This program is for students who need additional assistance with the development of vocational skills, as well as, employability skills that are necessary for obtaining and maintaining paid employment.

    This program is offered at:

    Longleaf Elementary School

    2600 Longleaf Drive

    Pensacola, FL  32526

    Onsite DEP Job Coach:  Tracie Kelley

                                                (850) 436-7377