• School Based Enterprise (SBE)

  • "A school-based enterprise is a set of entrepreneurial activities undertaken by students that provides an economic, social, and educational return to the student, school, and community. Student efforts are designed to enhance personal responsibility, an appreciation of risk versus reward and confidence in achieving and maintaining independence" (Gamache & Knab, 2008, p. 6)

    District Extended Program School-Based Enterprise allows students to work together to develop, implement, market, and sell a product. They learn the structure of a business and the importance of decision making, being responsible for their part of the business, job responsibilities, teamwork, listening, and being a valuable contributor in creating a product to sell. They use the proceeds to reinvest in their product and business.


    This program is offered at:

    Longleaf Elementary School

    2600 Longleaf Drive

     Onsite DEP Job Coach: Tracie Kelley

                                                  (850) 436-7377