Flight Adventure Deck

  • The Flight Adventure Deck (FAD) is a partnership between the School Districts of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, and the National Museum of Naval Aviation. The program introduces 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students to the mathematics and science of flight. It is composed of a curriculum based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards. The hands-on devices within the Flight Adventure Deck support the lessons and activities in the curriculum and serve the purpose of data collection for the completion of the activities. Grade level activities focus on certain concepts important to flight by using museum exhibits.

    FAD encompasses a 9,000-square-foot wing of the Museum. Outfitted at a cost of $2 million, the wing is devoted to the teaching of science, mathematics, and technology.  Twenty-three interactive devices, seventeen educational kiosks, an interactive wind tunnel, and four computer-based flight simulators are incorporated as part of a truly revolutionary educational experience for 6th through 8th-grade students. The program has recently been expanded to include a high school level navigational and meteorology curriculum.

    The FAD program was established in 1996 and hosts approximately 5,000 students annually. It is the first step in the implementation of the National Flight Academy - a much bigger vision for providing math and science education to students through the study of aviation.

    Mathematics and Science teachers for each school district may schedule their classes for attendance at FAD once they have received FAD training at their grade level. Inservice is normally given in September of each year. Teachers should check with their department chair for specific dates.

    The FAD teachers in cooperation with UWF have developed the X-Stream Science videos, a series of short videos related to the mathematics and science of flight.  These videos support and introduce topics from each grade level of the FAD curriculum. 

Contact Information

  • Michele Givens
    Escambia County

    Marsha Schiller
    Santa Rosa County

    Phone: 850-453-2389
    Fax: 850-458-2258