• Retirement/Pension Benefits


  • Want to know how much your pension benefit will be at retirement?
    Use this Pension Calculator to estimate your annual benefit. (Remember, though, the amount shown is only a base estimate and not a promise or guarantee of future payments.)

    Step 1

    Gather Information on Your Career with the Florida System (FRS)

    To use the calculator, you will need to know your:

    • Years of Creditable Service
    • Retirement Credit
    • Average Final Compensation

    Years of Creditable Service

    How many years of creditable service will you have at retirement?
    Be sure to count:

    • the total number of years (and parts of years) you worked in a covered position in the Florida Retirement System or one of the closed retirement systems; and
    • any additional service you purchase.

    Retirement Credit Percentage

    Retirement credit is the percentage value you receive for each year of your creditable service. You can find your credit percentage in the chart below, if you’re a Regular Class employee (most people are). If you’re one of those “Irregular” people, contact Human Resources at 469-6256 to find out what your percentage will be.
    Use the highest percentage that you’ll qualify for (either by age or years of service).

    Retirement up to age 62 or 30 years of service 1.60 %
    Retirement at age 63 or 31 years of service 1.63 %
    Retirement at 64 or 32 years of service 1.65 %
    Retirement at 65 or 33 years or more of service 1.68 %

    Average Final Compensation (AFC)

    To find your Average Final Compensation, average your five highest years (July 1—June 30) of pay. Don’t include such payments as:

    • lump-sum sick leave
    • retirement incentive bonuses
    • lump-sum annual leave over 500 hours


    Step 2

    Enter Your Information — and See Your Estimated Benefit
    (To move to the next field, press 'Tab' or 'Enter' after you enter your value.

At Retirement,
My Age Will Be
My Years of Creditable Service Will Be
My Average Final Compensation (No comma)
My Retirement Credit Percentage
Based on the information you entered,
your Estimated Annual Pension will be


  • To find out more about your FRS benefit, you can:

    • Request a copy of the brochure "Estimating Your FRS Benefit" from Beth Thompson in Human Resources at 469-6177
    • Visit the Florida Retirement System on the web at www.myfrs.com