• If you are Medicare eligible and are either thinking about retirement, OR have just retired, THEN READ ON! As an employee of Escambia County Public Schools, if you are retiring and are already 65 or older, you have full access to a variety of Medicare plans and also other voluntary benefit plans offered by the Florida School Retiree Benefits Consortium (FSRBC). The FSRBC will expand your benefit options to include products and services tailored to your retiree needs. You can view FSRBC plan options available to you as early as 13 months before you turn 65. The plan options available are:

    1. Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug (MAPD)
    2. Medicare Supplement Plans
    3. Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)
    4. Dental
    5. Vision

    Plans available through FSRBC are Medicare retiree-focused, offering benefits that have your needs in mind. When you retire and are Medicare eligible, continuing in ECPS’s medical plan will not be an option so retirees will need to select a Medicare Plan option that best fits your needs. The FSRBC plans listed above will be available for all ECPS Medicare eligible retirees. Retirees may stay with the ECPS dental plan OR may elect to enroll in one of the FSRBC dental plans. Plans listed in #5-10 above are plans that are ONLY available through the FSRBC, and can be set up to have premiums deducted directly from your retirement check with the Florida Retirement System (FRS).

    FSRBC Highlights

    •  Online, one-stop shopping - With so many options available, it is highly recommended you take advantage of the online tools provided, including provider comparison, drug cost lookup, and educational videos specific to Medicare and your retiree benefit offerings.
    • Help is a phone call away – You will have access to the FSRBC Customer Service Center with benefits representatives to support you by helping you understand your options, answer questions, provide enrollment assistance, and more.

    Your Next Steps:

    •  If you are turning 65 or already 65, you will need to be enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B to be eligible for the FSRBC plans.
    •  FSRBC will be reaching out to you as you near retirement age - Look for postal mail from FSRBC as early as 13 months before you turn 65 to help you prepare for your transition to retirement and FSRBC benefits. If you have already turned 65, the FSRBC will send you an informational brochure to help you get started with browsing your plan options online.
    •  You can browse available plan options as soon as the FSRBC receives your information from the District, but you can only enroll once you enter your eligibility period (7 months for retirees turning 65 or 6 months for retirees over 65).
    •  Once you turn 65 or retire, call the customer service center for questions and for help enrolling at 1-833-MYFSRBC (1-833-693-7722) (TTY 711) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern time.