Parent & Family Engagement

  • Parents' Right to Know

    Parents/guardians have the right to request and to receive information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s teachers and paraprofessionals at a Title I, Part A school. By law, you have the right to ask for the following:

    • Whether your child’s teacher has met the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) licensing and qualification criteria for the subject area(s) and grade level(s) in which the teacher provides instruction;


    • Whether FLDOE requirements have been waived to allow the teacher to teach under emergency or other provisional status;


    • The teachers’ college major and the field of discipline or specialization for any advanced degree/certification held by the teacher;


    • Whether your child is provided services by paraprofessionals and if so, their qualifications; and


    • Your child’s level of achievement in each of the state academic assessments and information regarding State and ECPS testing participation policies.


    This information regarding teacher and paraprofessional qualifications, in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act, may be obtained through your child’s school.

    Escambia County Public Schools is dedicated to providing an education that encourages life-long learning and stimulates, encourages, and prepares students for the future.

    What is Title I?

    Escambia County Public Schools receives federal funds for the Title I programs that are part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ECPS uses these federal dollars at qualifying schools to supplement educational opportunities for children who are most at risk of failing to meet our state's challenging achievement standards. The primary focus is to ensure student access to scientifically based instructional strategies and challenging academic content.

    The goal of Title I is to help every child receive a high quality education and improve student achievement through:

    • Effective Instruction


    • Professional Development


    • Family Engagement


    For more information on Title I, Part A, visit the US Department of Education.

    Components of a Schoolwide Program

    • A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school is conducted. Schoolwide reform strategies provide opportunities for ALL children to meet the state's performance standards.


    • Instruction is conducted by a highly qualified staff.


    • Professional development is conducted on a continual basis throughout the year for all staff.


    • Activities are conducted to increase parent involvement.


    • Measures are taken to include teachers in decisions about assessment.


    • Activities are conducted to ensure that students with learning difficulties receive assistance.


    Stakeholder Input

    Title I schools are required to include stakeholders in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school's Title I program. The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a school-based group intended to represent the school, the community, and those persons closest to the students. The group shares responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement by developing and implementing the School Improvement Plan.

    School Improvement Plan

    Each school's School Improvement Plan may be accessed through the CIMS website at or by contacting your school. Current year's plans are typically posted by September 1 of each year.

    Parent & Family Engagement Plan

    Title I schools are also required to jointly develop a Parent & Family Engagement Plan describing the family engagement program for the school year. Parent & Family Engagement Plans are accessible through or by contacting your school. Current year's plans are typically posted by October 1 of each year.

    School-Family Compact

    Each fall, Title I, Part A schools will jointly develop, with the parents of children served, a school-family compact. The school-family compact identifies the activities that the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will undertake to share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.

    You do not have to be a member of the school's SAC to attend and participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school's Title I plans. Throughout the year, watch for your school's scheduled SAC meetings, Title I meetings, and other input opportunities to have your voice included.

    Know Your School's Student Achievement and Success Data

    Know Your Schools is a resource to provide parents, teachers, and administrators with the ability to map and compare Florida public schools and view the Florida Report Cards, which show how the state, districts and schools are doing with regard to student achievement and success specified by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The Know Your Schools portal may be accessed at the Florida Department of Education.

    Focus Parent Portal View Your Student’s Grades

    The Focus Parent Portal is a service offered to parents and guardians for accessing certain student records. The Focus Parent Portal allows parents and guardians to see information about ALL of their students through one website. The Focus Parent Portal also allows parents to keep up-to-date on assignments, read ECPS news, see report cards, and communicate easily with their child's teacher. Visit the Focus Portal for account set up and tips for using the portal features.

    Explanation of Curriculum

    Escambia County Public Schools provides a high-quality curriculum based upon the Florida Curriculum Standards. Textbooks used in the classrooms have been reviewed by a committee of teachers and adopted by the ECPS School Board; many are also adopted and endorsed by the Florida Department of Education. Specific educational programs in each school are targeted to meet the identified needs of the children in the school.

    Florida's academic standards may be accessed through the Florida Department of Education.

    District Curriculum & Instruction resources may be accessed through the Escambia County Public Schools website.

    State and Local Asssessments

    Escambia County Public Schools administers a variety of standardized assessments to its students as required by state law (FS 1008.22), federal law (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), and district administrators.

    Local and state testing calendars are accessible at the ECPS Evaluation Services website. These calendars include subject matter to be assessed, purpose of the assessment, and source of the requirement.


    ECPS has contracted with a third-party vendor to receive reports of fraud, waste, and abuse. Complaints alleging violations of law in the administration of Title I (or other) programs may be made anonymously by calling 1-855-819-1248 or through the online reporting portal.