ECSD Central Warehouse

  • 51 East Texar Drive

    Pensacola, Florida 32503

    Office Phone:


    Receiving Phone :       


    Director of Warehouse Operations: David Gardner


    Central Stores Manager: Jasper Simmons  


    Central Inventory and Textbook Control Manager: Talandria Thomas


Central Warehouse

  • The purpose of the Central Warehouse is to Support Education by saving Educators Time and Money.  The Central Warehouse is a full service order fulfillment center processing 12+ million dollars in annual issues.  The five major groups or types of inventory issued by Central Warehouse are as follows: Office, Maintenance, Cleaning, Textbooks and Food Services.  The Central Warehouse provides additional services for the District as follows: Testing staging and distribution, Table and Chair loaner program, Mail Service, IT Recycle staging, and accommodation storage and staging as needed.
    Skyward Order System

    The Skyward Inventory ordering system works in much the same manner as the Skyward purchasing process currently in use.  If you are authorized to make purchases for your cost center and you currently enter requisitions in Skyward then you need not do anything to gain access to the Inventory ordering system.  Your security profile has been modified to include this access.  If you are authorized to order supplies for your cost center but do not currently have access to the Skyward Purchasing system, then please contact the IT Service Desk.

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