• McArthur Elementary

    School-Family Compact 2023-2024

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    As a parent/guardian and student of McArthur Elementary, this compact acknowledges that we share the responsibility for improved student achievement. With the importance of our academic responsibilities as our top priority, we pledge the following:


    SCHOOL EMPLOYEES: McArthur Elementary employees will provide a safe and supportive learning environment, high quality curriculum, consistent communication of student’s progress and effective and appropriate instruction. We will respect family's rights to be involved in decisions about their child’s education. We will encourage our student’s efforts. We will enforce our school’s rules while preserving each student’s dignity. We will communicate with parents regularly, conduct parent conferences, provide opportunities for volunteering and participation in classroom activities. We will abide by the highest standards of our profession.


    FAMILIES: As a parent/guardian, I will support my child’s learning by ensuring good attendance, monitor FOCUS portal on a regular basis to know how students grades are progressing, and communicating regularly with the school faculty and staff. I will encourage my child’s effort. I will help to maintain a good learning environment by supporting the faculty and staff as we mutually enforce the school’s rules. I will participate in decisions about my child’s education.

    STUDENTS: As a McArthur Elementary student, I will take  responsibility for my learning.  I will come to school each day with a positive attitude and try my best. I will be respectful and kind to others. I will follow school rules and be safe.