• Jim C. Bailey Middle

    School-Family Compact 2023-2024

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    The School-Family Compact is an active commitment to ensure the support and success of the student. The parties listed in this compact acknowledge that they share the responsibility for improved student achievement.  The school, school employees, families, and students all share the very important role in actively promoting the student’s success in learning. Here at Jim C. Bailey Middle School, we believe all students can be successful. We strive to provide a positive environment where students and school employees enjoy being at school and treat each other with mutual respect and kindness.


    For School Employees – It is understood that the success of the student is shared between all parties. The purpose of school employees is to create an environment which will allow students to understand that learning is a life-long process and to provide the students with the tools needed to succeed.


    I am committed to creating a classroom that knows no limits to the academic success of each student. I will do the following to show my personal commitment to the all-around success of every student at Jim C. Bailey:

    • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication among the school, school employees, family, and students.
    • Establish a safe, orderly, and positive school culture focused on student growth.
    • Come to class prepared with lessons/materials and respect every student as an individual.
    • Keep the family informed of their student’s progress throughout the year.
    • Support school-based parent organizations and encourage students to develop school pride & spirit.
    • Be flexible, positive, and highly collaborative in an effort to help students do their personal best
    • Lead by example to inspire and motivate students.


    For Families – The role families play in the students’ overall success is equally as important to that of school employees and the students themselves. Families should be active and supportive to the students’ education. The actions and words you use about education, can and will shape the opinions the student will have regarding their academic success.


    As the students’ family I understand that being active in the student’s education can positively influence their future. I will commit to:

    • Be sure that my student will arrive at school on time everyday unless they are ill.
    • Utilizing parent resources to help my student succeed.
    • Monitor the student’s grades through the FOCUS parent portal, and communications with school employees.
    • Read notices and communications sent home with the student and respond as needed.
    • Setting aside a time and place for students and completing homework.
    • Being supportive of the school and school employees especially in relation to discipline.
    • Be flexible, positive, and highly collaborative in an effort to help students do their personal best.
    • Lead by example to inspire and motivate students.


    For Students – As a middle school student, this is a time of great change. You are no longer a grade school student with the same teacher daily, but instead you will move between different classes throughout the day. In order to thrive in this new environment, it is important to be the best version of you.


    As a student I understand that my education is important to my future. I will commit to:

    • Arrive at school on time everyday unless I am ill.
    • Relay all messages, notices, and handouts to my parents/guardian.
    • Complete my homework and classwork daily, utilize the knowledge of school employees and family, and use any available resources given to me when needed.
    • Actively listen, participate, and cooperate with school employees and other students.
    • Be accepting and respectful to everyone, despite differences.
    • Take responsibility for my actions and attitude.

    Communication – Communication allows for all parties involved to work together towards the success of the student. Creating a culture of open communication allows for the student to recognize how communication can be used throughout their lives. When communication is restricted, this can lead to lower engagement as well as reduced productivity. It is important for all parties to communicate with kindness as well as with respect.