• Booker T. Washington High

    School-Family Compact 2023-2024

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    Booker T. Washington High School staff, along with our families and students, agree that this compact outlines how we all share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. This compact will contribute to the mission of Booker T. Washington High, which is to provide a quality education in a safe supportive environment so that all students can achieve success.


    School Responsibilities

    As principal of Booker T. Washington High School, I will share the responsibility, along with my faculty and staff, for improving student achievement and will nurture a partnership to help students graduate within four years. Specifically, I will

    • Provide a safe, orderly, supportive environment in which students have the maximum opportunity for academic success
    • Make decisions regarding high quality curriculum and instruction based on data and recent research that will enable students to meet state standards, and prepare students for life-long learning and the world of work
    • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication among the student, teacher, and family
    • Ensure the communication of each student’s state assessment results, academic achievement and progress towards graduation    
    • Support school-based parent organizations and encourage students to develop school pride, spirit and enthusiasm through sports, activities, school-sponsored events, and club opportunities


    Families Responsibilities

    As a parent/guardian I will share the responsibility for my child’s success and progression in their academic achievement.  Specifically, I will

    • Provide current address and phone numbers to the school
    • Monitor my child’s grades through the FOCUS parent portal, and communications with their teacher
    • Read notices and communications sent home with my child and respond as needed
    • Emphasize the importance of education on a regular basis 

     Student Responsibilities

    As a student I will share the responsibility to improve my own achievement or exceed state standards. Specifically, I will

    • Show respect for myself, my school, my peers, and my teachers  
    • Commit to graduate on time
    • Complete my homework and classwork daily, utilize the knowledge of my teachers and family, and use any available resources given me when needed
    • Follow the student Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook and dress appropriately in accordance with the ECSD Dress Code Policy
    • Relay all messages, notices, and handouts to my parent/guardian
    • Work to the best of my ability, focusing on my subject areas, participating in class discussions, and refusing to act out in class with disruptive behavior