• Attendance

  • George Stone Technical College recognizes its responsibility for preparing students with the necessary skills to enter the workforce. Business and industry leaders widely agree that the single most important trait for career success is good attendance. After all, a business can only function when its employees are working; the same holds true for instructional programs. Regular and punctual attendance is an expected and integral part of the learning experience. Student success in each program is contingent upon meeting program hours, competency requirements, and basic skills. Excessive absences, tardiness, leaving early, or not making adequate progress in a program may result in an administrative withdrawal.

    The following attendance guidelines are the minimum acceptable standard for GSTC's programs of study. To meet industry standards, attendance requirements in some programs may be stricter than these minimum requirements. It is the responsibility of the student to know the attendance policies for the program in which he/she is enrolled.

    • There are no excused or unexcused absences; students are either present or absent.
    • A student who is absent six (6) consecutive days will be withdrawn.
    • If a student receives six (6) absences over a 9-week period of his/her cumulative attendance, as measured by the ratio of clock hours attended to clock hours scheduled, falls below 83%, the student will be placed on Attendance Probation for thirty (30) days. While on Attendance Probation, the student may not have more than two (2) absences. Students failing to maintain satisfactory attendance while on Attendance Probation may face an administrative withdrawal.
      • Any student who withdraws while on Attendance Probation will be required to complete unserved Probation time upon re-enrollment.

    Determination of Leave of Absence

    A student may request one leave of absence (minimum length of 10 school days) for situations affecting a student's attendance for an extended period of time. The request must be in writing to the Principal of George Stone Technical College, and must include the reason for the request and the number of days requested. The financial aid period will be extended the number of days equal to the number of days of the leave of absence; therefore no additional tuition or fees will be charged to the student.