• Withdrawals

  • Administrative Withdrawal (involuntary)

    Students may be withdrawn for the following reasons:

    • Failure to pay fees.
    • Unsatisfactory progress as reported by the instructor. Unsatisfactory progress is defined as a student taking longer than 150% of the allotted hours to complete the program.
    • Failing grades (Average below 70%)
    • Unsatisfactory Attendance
    • Disciplinary action in accordance with the Secondary Student and Responsibilities Handbook. A copy of the guidelines can be found on the Escambia County School District Website.
    • Failure to follow program safety rules.

    Reinstatement for Administrative Withdrawal

    Any student who has been involuntarily withdrawn may request a written appeal or hearing appeal to review the action taken. The decision for written appeals will be mailed to the student. Hearing appeals will be scheduled before or after the normal school day within the first week of the month following the violation. The Appeals Board will be made up of an administrator, a counselor, a teacher, and a student from the Student Advisory Council.

    Withdrawal (voluntary)*

    The student will notify the instructor of the program in which he/she is enrolled. The withdrawal date is the last date of attendance. The student shall ensure that:

    • School property (books, tools, or other materials) has been returned.
    • All work orders are cleared.
    • Appropriate financial aid personnel are notified.
    • Current mailing address and telephone number have been given to the instructor.
    • Personal property belonging to a student who withdraws must be claimed no later than the day of withdrawal. George Stone Technical Center is not responsible for items left behind.

    *Students are allowed only one withdrawal each school year. When a student is withdrawn, he/she must wait (30) thirty calendar days to re-enroll, if space is available, and will be required to pay the $20 application fee. If a student withdraws a second time, he/she must wait until the next school year to re-enroll.

    Re-Entrance Process

    See a school counselor. Space must be available in the desired program.

    Note: For Veteran and Veteran Dependent benefit purposes, the last day of attendance will be reported to the Veterans Administration.

    Switching Programs

    Students are allowed to switch programs ONLY oncem during the school year, if space is available.