• Student Services

  • Transcripts

    Students may request copies of their transcript by completing the following request form link. Additionally, students may also request copies of course or program certificates on this form. Transcript and/or certificate requests take 48 hours to process. For questions, please contact the Data Specialist:

    Kathy Peterson

    (850) 786 6504



    Career and technical, educational, and personal counseling services are provided for all prospective, current, and former students at George Stone Technical College. Students who desire these services are encouraged to contact one of the counselors on staff Monday through Friday:

    Carr, Trena

    School Counselor


    850 786 6512

    Harrison, Patricia

    Counselor  –  Adult Education


    850 786 6515

    Moultrie, Maria

    School Counselor


    850 786 6513

    Steward, Vera

    School Counselor


    850 786 6510

    Student with Disabilities

    Students with disabilities are encouraged to self-identify and request services if needed before or after admission to George Stone. Reasonable accommodations can be made based on the needs of the individual student. Current ADA Accommodations pamphlet.


    Placement assistance is provided for all students presently enrolled and for any former student needing and desiring these services. Placement services are provided by the DCT/Co-Op Coordinator.

    Shockley, Susan

    Coordinator Co-Op  & Job Placement 


    850 786 6543

    Follow Up

    Each year, a follow-up is conducted on the previous year's career and technical students. The results of this follow-up are used to determine if the Center is fulfilling the employment needs of the community and to see if we are placing students in related jobs.


    Citizens and businesses in the community are encouraged to partner with GSTC, and information is made available to encourage prospective students to enroll at George Stone Technical College. Staff members recruit from local high schools, civic organizations and other events where individuals might be encouraged to take advantage of the programs at GSTC.

    Student Organizations

    Students are encouraged to participate in student organizations. The following organizations are available to George Stone students. For further information, ask your instructor.

    • Skills USA
    • Student Advisory Council

    Job Training Services (Vehicle/ Equipment Repair)

    Some programs have job training services that allow equipment and vehicles to be repaired as part of the curriculum. Only employees of the Escambia County School District and current George Stone Technical College students are eligible for work to be done. All work and repair services are at the discretion of George Stone Technical Center. All work is performed by students and is NOT guaranteed. There is no charge for labor; however all parts, supplies, and materials are the sole responsibility of the vehicle/equipment owner. An additional 20% service fee will be collected by George Stone. Job order forms can be obtained from the main office. Contact individual instructors for details and specific information.


    Lockers for student use are available in some buildings. George Stone Technical College assumes no responsibility for items stored in lockers. Locks may be removed and lockers searched for any reason at any time. All locks will be removed at the end of the school year.

    Lost and Found

    Items found on campus are to be turned in to the Front Office in Building 1. Owners may claim lost items at the Information Desk.

    Food and Drink

    Vending machines are available in Buildings 1, 3, and 4. The Student Commons area is located in Building 1. Food may be consumed in this area during lunch and dinner.

    Field Trips

    Students who attend George Stone may have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular trips. School policy requires that students under 18 years of age must have a field trip form signed by a parent or guardian. Instructors will provide these forms to the student when necessary. The completed form must be on file at the Center.