• Ernest Ward Middle

    School-Family Compact 2023-2024

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    We will support student academic excellence in the following ways:



    Staff Responsibilities

    Parent/Family Responsibilities

    Student Responsibilities


    Provide rigorous and relevant curriculum that is standards- based and appropriate to the needs of the students. Communicate with families about student needs and academic endeavors.

    Ensure that students are held accountable for attendance and getting to school on time. Families will make sure students  turn in assignments in a timely manner. Parents/Guardians will learn more about Focus Parent Portal, Canvas, and other resources to help students at home.

    Work hard to show mastery of the standards-based materials provided and to be engaged in their learning. Seek assistance if needed in an effort to ensure success in the academic setting.


    Input grades into Focus in a  timely manner. 

    Promptly contact parents for any major concerns about grades/behavior before failure/referral.

    Monitor grades (Focus Parent Portal). 

    Sign  up for parental access to Canvas.

    Attend parent conferences (face to face, virtual, phone).

    Contact teachers for academic and behavioral concerns. 

    Be actively involved in classroom activities. 

    Monitor Canvas and Focus to ensure incomplete classwork or homework is finished. 

    When absent, monitor Canvas and Focus to ensure  missing assignments are completed and submitted. 


    Utilize as many mediums to ensure parents are informed--may include school signage, school website, Facebook, call-outs, handouts, North Escambia.

    Keep contact information current. 

    Seek out needed information from school personnel. 

    Follow Canvas and Focus for communication from teachers. 

    Deliver all notices and information from the school to an adult in the home.

    Bring required/signed documents back to the school. 


    Provide a safe and engaging learning environment that promotes voice and choice.

    Promote a positive view of education at home by encouraging my child to participate in learning at home as well as school.

    Show my B.E.S.T. Eagle Pride by:

    Being safe

    Excelling in academics

    Showing respect

    Taking responsibility in class, throughout the building, on the bus, and at after- school activities