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    Tools for Teachers is an online Teacher Resource Store that provides FREE classroom supplies for teachers and their students. Teachers were surveyed about what supplies they most often spend their own money on for their classrooms, and that list determined what items are stocked in the online store. Products are bought in bulk in partnership with the Escambia County Public Schools Warehouse, which saves a substantial amount, so donations go a lot further.

    Some of the items carried are healthy snacks for students, bandaids, pencils, erasers, copypaper, glue sticks, ziplock bags, paper towels, tissues and dry erase markers.

    The program is funded through grants, local businesses and individual donations. Thank you to all who have already given in support of our teachers and thank you in advance to those that will give in the future. What our donors provide is peace of mind and knowing that the community supports them, their students, and public education in Escambia County.