Escambia Leadership Induction Program (ELIP)

  • Program Manager:
    Brian Alaback, Professional Learning Director
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    The purpose of the Escambia Principal Preparation Program (EPPP) is to prepare promising school and district administrators for Level II, principal certificate.


    The School District of Escambia County is committed to the development of high quality school leaders in all phases of its operation.   The District recognizes the unique and demanding role of the school principal in the success of a school. Therefore, special emphasis is placed upon developing high quality principals for the schools of Escambia County.


    The District’s Superintendent and School Board, through its EPPP, embrace selecting and developing individuals to lead its schools who are knowledgeable and who demonstrate the values of excellence, integrity, care, and competence.   In order to develop the highest quality leaders for its schools, the Superintendent and School Board have adopted a three-phase program of development for its leaders.

    Escambia Principal Preparation Program

    The District has developed a program to prepare candidates for positions as school-based administrators that consists of three phases that span a three-year period. The application process is opened periodically at the discretion of the Superintendent.

    Phase I - Application and Selection

    1. Application Requirements
    2. 5 years successful teaching experience
    3. Masters Degree
    4. Florida Certification in Educational Leadership or Administration and Supervision
    5. Passing score on the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE)
    6. 3 Letters of Recommendation - one must be from the current or immediate past supervising administrator
    7. Selection Process
    8. Behavioral Event Written Exercise
    9. Behavioral Event Interview

    Candidates will be screened at each step listed above for their eligibility, knowledge, skills and disposition for leadership.   Only those showing potential will be allowed to progress to the next step in the selection process. Those who successfully complete all steps of Phase I will be allowed to enter Phase II as candidates. Both successful and unsuccessful candidates will be counseled regarding their overall performance in the selection process, with specific input about their strengths and weaknesses in the Florida Principal Leadership Standards.

    Phase II - District Awareness

    1. Familiarization with District Operations and Interviews of Key Personnel
    2. Skill Building and Training
    3. Digging Into Data
    4. Diversity
    5. Continuous Improvement Model
    6. Time and Project Management
    7. Customer Relations
    8. Curriculum Mapping
    9. Ethics

    While in Phase II, candidates are eligible to apply for assistant principal and other positions designated by the District that will allow the candidate to fulfill the requirements of the two-year internship process.  It is each candidate’s responsibility to seek out and apply for these positions.  The number of internships each year is based on the District’s needs and resources.   The Superintendent has the authority to appoint school leaders who are not in the EPPP when candidates having the appropriate credentials come to his attention. It is the responsibility of the W. Cecil Golden Coordinator to provide the appropriate training and support for such leaders. If, after five years, a candidate has not advanced to an internship, the candidate will be removed from the pool.  At that time, the assistant Superintendent of human resources will advise the candidate of the process to re-enter the EPPP.  Candidates who are currently employed as a teacher on special assignment, specialist, or director are exempt from this rule.  A candidate no longer serving in the capacity of a teacher on special assignment, specialist, or director has five years from the date the placement has changed to advance to an internship, or the candidate will be removed from the pool.

    Phase III - Internship (2 Years)

    1. Skill Building and Training
    2. Escambia Educator Evaluator (E3) & Professional Development Plan (PDP)
    3. Continuous Improvement Model: Principal Support
    4. Classroom Walk-Through
    5. English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
    6. The Internship

    After being recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the School Board, an assistant principal or intern principal enters a two-year program designed to facilitate the development of specific, principal-related knowledge and skills.   The model of development is one of training, skills application in an administrative position, reflection, and feedback. At the end of the first year of the internship, a preliminary review will be conducted by the support team and university faculty to determine if it is in the best interest of the District and the Intern to continue in the internship process or to be dismissed from the program.   Each intern will be supported by a team that includes a high-performing supervising principal, a clinical supervisor, and the appropriate school level director, and the W. Cecil Golden Coordinator.

    1. The Portfolio

    All interns must complete a portfolio to document successful performance of the job-embedded tasks of the principalship which are aligned to the ten Florida Principal Leadership Standards. The portfolio will serve as a summative evaluation instrument. Upon completion, it is reviewed by the supervising principal, clinical supervisor, and the W. Cecil Golden Coordinator.  A successful review, and completion of all training components, will result in a recommendation for a Level II principal certificate.