Teacher Certification

  • Collaboration with Certification Office

    The Certification Department and Human Resources interviews all new teachers to the system and completes the initial paperwork qualifying them to work for the district. The Certification Department sends a listing of teachers who require fifteen hours of training to Professional Learning.

    Professional Learning to Support Certification

    Professional Learning designates the training for new teachers who didn't attend a Florida Education program as mandated by Florida Statute. The teacher needing the certification must attend a training from one of the following areas: classroom management and sunshine state requirements for reading in the content area (CRISS, grades 3-12) or Teachscape online training in classroom management, planning, and learning strategies.

    Support Teachers/Principals

    Professional Learning allows teachers who request assistance in particular areas to attend any of the PEC workshops upon availability and session size. Principals may use the PEC workshops for strategies for improvement in E3. Teachers may use PEC workshops to fulfill the identified PDP professional learning.

    For certification information contact: DRamirez@escambia.k12.fl.us