Add-On Endorsements & Certifications

State Approved Certifications & Add-On Endorsement Programs:

  • Approval Status for each Add-On Endorsement Program for Escambia County School District

    The Director of Professional Learning provides oversight in ensuring endorsement program application and implementation.

    Add-On Endorsement Programs Program Facilitator Phone & Fax

    Athletic Coaching

    Approval letter from FDOE


    CET: Clinical Educator Training



    Ph: (850) 595-6915 x289


    Drivers Education Endorsement

    Add-On Endorsement Plan for Drivers Education

    Approval letter from FDOE


    Ph: (850) 316-3962

    Fax: (850) 595-0187

    EPPP: Escambia Principal Preparation Program


    Ph: (850) 595-6915 x289


    ESOL Endorsement (English Speakers of Other Languages)



    Ph: (850) 439-2661

    Fax: (850) 469-5360

    PDCP - FEAPs

    Professional Development Certification Program

     -Florida Educator Accomplished Practices

    Approval Letter from FDOE (extension through June 30, 2025)


    Brian Alaback
    Ph: (850) 595-6915 x287

    Gifted Endorsement

    Add-On Endorsement Plan for Gifted Education


    Ph: (850) 469-5359

    Fax: (850) 469-5644

    Reading Endorsement & Competency II


    Ph: (850) 469-5525

    Autism Endorsement

    Add-On Endorsement Plan for Autism

    PH: (850) 469-5423