Coach-Not-Teaching (Paid Coach) and Sports Officials Procedures for Athletic Directors

  • When a head coach recommends a person to be a coach-not-teaching (paid coach), you should do the following: 

    1. Set up a time for the applicant to meet with the Athletic Director and/or the Principal for an interview. Once approved by the Principal, the following procedures must be completed.

    2. The following forms will be completed by school administration and submitted to Judy Adams in Human Resources. Scan and email to or Fax to 850-469-6264:

      1. Athletic Supplement Appointment Request (check Coach Not Teaching - Paid Supplement box)
      2. FDLE Waiver Agreement and Statement


    3. Provide the applicant the Fingerprinting Instructions for Non-Instructional Paid Coach by providing the Paid Coach Fieldprint Code for scheduling an appointment. For questions regarding fingerprinting, call Brandy Simpson, 850-430-7689.

    4. The applicant must apply for a temporary Athletic Coaching Certificate online through the Department of Education/Florida Teachers Bureau.


    5. If there are questions regarding certification, please call Jane DeStafney at 850-469-6252 (last name A-K) or Carrie Hollon 850-469-6251 (last name L-Z).

    6. Once the fingerprints have cleared, an HR Representative 850-469-6170 will contact the applicant to schedule his/her HR appointment. The applicant will need to provide a copy of his/her high school diploma or official transcripts from college to the Certification Department. The applicant will complete paperwork in Human Resources, and receive an ID Badge.

      If the badge has not been received in Human Resources at the time of the HR appointment, call back at the above number within 5 days to check the status of the badge.

      The applicant must bring in two forms of ID (driver’s license and social security preferred) and a voided check or direct deposit form from his/her bank.

    7. You will receive an email from Judy Adams stating that the applicant has completed the application process and is authorized to be a supplemented coach. Should you have any questions, you may call Judy Adams 850-430-7693.

    Under no circumstances will anyone be permitted on campus without completing ALL of the above procedures.

    It is up to you to maintain a list of your Non-Instructional Paid Coaches.  Require them to submit their badge to you so you make a copy and file it with their other four documents.  At the end of the season or the end of the year, it is your responsibility to collect the badges of all non-instructional coaches.  If they return the next year, you will just re-issue; if they do not return you will return the badges to Human Resources.

Coach-Not-Teaching (Paid Coach) and Sports Officials Forms