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  • The Office of Employee and Labor Relations within the Department of Human Resources:

    • leads the School District’s collaborative bargaining efforts on behalf of the School Board with the instructional and professional support staff employee unions;
    • cultivates the School District’s partnerships with local, state, and federal governments for legislative efforts;
    • facilitates the School District’s policy-making efforts; and
    • assists with the School Board Rules development process.

2023-2024 Labor Negotiations

    In the following weeks, both union's bargaining team members will be advertising and delivering ratification packets to all work sites across the district. Please review the following links to be informed about the new salary schedules and supplements in this year's agreement. During the week of December 11, you will be able to vote FOR or AGAINST the agreement. All Instructional and Ed. Support employees are encouraged to participate regardless of union membership. 
           Tentative Salary Agreement (Copy for Board Agenda)
           10, 11, and 12-month Teacher's Performance Salary Schedule (Annual and Probationary Contract) 
           10, 11, and 12-month Teacher's Grandfather Salary Schedule (Those hired prior to July 1, 2014 and hold a Professional Services Contract) 
            Teacher's Supplement Schedule 
            Ed. Support Salary Schedule

    11/15/23: Collective Bargaining Session #3Around 10:00pm at Spencer Bibbs Learning Center, all three parties reached an agreement! The District first proposed a counter to last week's Union proposal, both Unions countered back, the District proposed another counter, and the Union's last offer was the one accepted by all parties. The "TA" on the documents means it has been "Tentatively Agreed" pending ratification results. Please pay attention to any emails from the District or your site leaders regarding Ratification/Voting. Your participation is important to the process, whether you are a Union member or not.  
       Salary Agreement Documents

    11/8/23: Collective Bargaining Session #2Both parties met at Spencer Bibbs Learning Center at 5:00pm. Both Unions provided their counter-offers and a Status Brief regarding areas of concern.
    EEA (Teacher's) Counter Proposal #1
    UESP Counter Proposal #1
    Status Brief & Areas for Improvement Report

    There was no counter proposal from the District and the Bargaining Session concluded. 

    10/20/23: EEA returns proposed MOU signed for Board Approval in November.
                          Signed MOU regarding TSIA Dollars

    10/16/23: Collective Bargaining Session #1Both parties met at Global Learning Academy at 5:00pm. The district provided Proposal #1 and an MOU regarding the spending of Teacher Salary Improvement Allocation (TSIA) dollars. 

    District Proposal #1 
    MOU Proposal from District to EEA

    There was no counter proposal and the Bargaining Session concluded. 

    9/19/23: Board Approval of 2024 Health Insurance and Benefits Premiums 
                   2024 Health Insurance Premiums 

    9/11/23: RATIFICATION - All personnel (Teachers and Ed. support) are able to vote on the tentative agreement for Health Insurance premiums. 

    8/16/23: The EEA and Union of ESPs proposed 3 Memoranda of Understanding to the District: MOU #1 from EEA regarding Class Coverage
    MOU #2 from EEA regarding Marijuana Policy
    MOU #3 from UESP regarding Marijuana Policy

    8/7/23: The District, EEA, and Ed. Support Unions met to negotiate Health Insurance premiums. 

    7/1/23: Effective July 1, 2023, the minimum teacher salary moved from $45,700 to $47,500. It is the intent of both parties to return to the bargaining table to determine raises and performance payments for those persons that were unaffected by this increase. 


  • Voting will be at your worksite from December 11-15! Be informed and please participate whether you are or are not a union member!

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