Substitute Teaching

  • Always thought you would enjoy teaching?  Not really sure if you’re ready to fully commit?  We would love to have you try us out by becoming a Substitute Teacher.

    To be eligible to become a Substitute Teacher, you can have a High School Diploma, complete a minimum of 60 college credit hours or have obtained a degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.  Typically, this accreditation is a regional or national accreditation.  If you have questions regarding your school’s accreditation or qualification status, you are welcome to contact us at 

    Our substitute teachers are paid at a daily rate as follows:

    $112.50 per day

    Substitute Teacher with Master's or Ph.D: $120.00 per day

    Substitute Teacher on a long term assignment (specific qualifications apply): $ 130.00 per day

    Substitute Teachers are paid every two weeks. 

    Working within our Substitute Teaching program allows you the flexibility to work as much or as little as your schedule allows, giving you the experience in the classroom to determine if teaching is the right profession for you.  We have many substitute teachers who work full-time hours throughout the District at their preference.

    Our Substitute Teachers enjoy the ability to work with an online call-out system that accepts customization.  This allows you, as a Substitute Teacher, to indicate what schools you prefer to work with and the days you are available.  

    The Escambia County School District requires each Substitute Teacher to work a minimum of four days per school year to remain active in the call-out system.

    Here are the three simple steps you will want to take to become a Substitute Teacher:

    1. Apply Online: To kick off the hiring process, you will need to apply online. Please visit our Employment Information webpage to apply. You'll need to register as a new user in our application system and then submit your information by completing the Substitute Teacher Application. 


    2. Official Transcripts: Once you've applied online, you will need to request an official transcript to be sent to the Escambia County School District.  Transcripts can be mailed or hand delivered in a university sealed envelope to 75 North Pace Boulevard, Pensacola, Florida 32505.  If your school participates in e-script, the online transcript service, you can have them send the e-script to


    3. Fingerprinting & Background Checks: Every individual working in the public education system is fingerprinted and an extensive background check is performed.  This background check is done at your own cost and you'll be notified with detailed instructions via email once your transcripts have been received.  To review information regarding the current cost, steps to accomplish the fingerprinting, and hiring guidelines/criteria for successfully passing the background check, please visit our New Hire webpage.


    4. Follow through the New Hire Steps: Also located on the New Hire webpage are the subsequent steps necessary to follow through to become a Substitute Teacher.  In general, once your background has been approved, you will process through our HR Department, pay for and receive your local substitute certificate through our Certification Department, undergo a Drug Free Workplace drug test, and receive your badge along with instructions on how to complete required training online regarding safety in schools, and use the online Substitute Management System.


    To express interest or to ask questions, please contact us at 850-429-2914 or 850-469-6281.