FAQ Vendors

  • Can I contact schools and departments directly to sell my products/services?

    Yes. But, for sales calls, Board policy requires that you obtain a letter of authorization from the School District Superintendent to visit any campus. The letter entitles you to solicit the schools, but each principal has the right to determine who visits their campus.

    Does Escambia County give preference points to local firms?

    By State law, we are barred from favoring local vendors based solely on their locale.

    Can I fax my bid to you?

    No. The School District Procurement Department will only accept sealed bids/proposals to maintain confidentiality until they are publicly recorded during the bid opening.

    Am I supposed to include tax in the price of a Request for Quotation?

    No. The School District is tax exempt.

    If I’m not currently a vendor doing business with the District, am I still able to submit bids to the District?

    Yes. But, should you be awarded a contract, we cannot issue a purchase order to you until you are setup as a vendor.

    How can I find out what goods or services are currently available for bidding?

    • Visit our “Current Bid Activity” web page.
    • Subscribe to one of the services we employ for ITB/RFP distribution. Visit our “Bid Service Links” web page or contact us @ 850-469-6202 for current information.
    • Visit our office on the 2nd floor of the Vernon McDaniel Bldg, 75 North Pace Blvd., Pensacola , FL.

    NOTE: The School District does not maintain a “Bid List” from which bid distribution is made.

    How can I get a copy of the tabulation of bids on a particular bid?

    You may visit our "Current Bid Activity" or “Bids Previously Awarded” web pages to view or print a copy of a tabulation for any solicitation.

    Who, in the District, do I contact to get payment for my invoice?

    All invoices should be mailed to The School District of Escambia County, Attention: Accounts Payable, 75 North Pace Blvd., Pensacola, Florida 32505.

    Are schools or departments allowed to make their own purchases?

    The majority of all purchases are either made or approved by the Procurement Department through the use of purchase orders. (All schools and departments do have purchasing cards that allow them to make purchases up to $5,000.00.) If a good or service is requested by a School District employee without a purchase order/purchasing card, please contact the Procurement Department. Purchase order numbers can be verified by contacting any member of the Procurement Department.

    How can I set up an office visit?

    Vendors can visit the Procurement Department’s homepage for information on which purchasing agent is responsible for the specific goods and services they provide. Once you identify the purchasing agent, call or e-mail them to set up an appointment. Appointments are preferred. If you call on the Procurement Department without an appointment, you may not be able to talk to who you’d like or have the amount of time you’d like due to work schedules.

    What is a PreBid/PreProposal conference?

    A PreBid/PreProposal conference is a meeting held to discuss the specific requirements of a particular Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal (RFP). The meeting gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about the District’s need to better prepare your bid/proposal. The PreBid/PreProposal conference is not always mandatory but attendance is always strongly suggested.

    What criteria is used to award bids and proposals?

    Bids for goods and/or services are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder(s). Bids and RFPs for goods and/or services are awarded based on criteria in addition to price. The document will specify the method of award.