Procurement Card Program

  • Escambia County Public School's Procurement Card Program is designed to improve efficiency in processing low dollar purchases from any vendor that accepts a Visa credit card. Many of our suppliers, currently being paid by the purchase order system, will accept the purchasing card. This program allows the cardholder to purchase approved commodities and services directly from our vendors. Each purchasing card is issued to a named individual and Escambia County Public Schools is clearly shown as the government buyer of the goods and services.

    Regions Bank Customer Service Department (24hrs. / 7 days a week) 888-934-1087

    "District" Purchasing Card Training sessions are now held virtually.  The training lasts approximately 2 hours. You may pick up your procurement card after the training (if previously ordered). This is separate training from the Skyward Card Manager Training.  This procurement card training is an overview of the procurement card process including purchases that are permitted using a procurement card.  Also, anyone that would like to attend refresher training is welcome.  Remember, all cardholders are required to attend training before receiving their card. If you plan to attend, please notify Rhonda Waters at email: or 850-469-6202 so we can provide the link. 

    Our next training session(s) is (are):

    Procurement Card Training will be announced via email.  Please note that all people are required to attend training before obtaining a Procurement Card.

    If the person that will be entering procurement card transactions onto the computer has not attended this training, please let them know about this training.  This is separate training from the Skyward Software training.  This Procurement Card Training is an overview of the procurement card process including purchases that are permitted using a procurement card.   

    Internal Accounts Procurement Cards

    Internal Accounts Procurement Card Policy

    Internal Accounts Procurement Card Cardholder Agreement

    "District" Procurement Cards and Travel Cards 

    Amazon Receipt Instructions to obtain a receipt for transactions with multiple shipments

    Budgeted Funds Procurement Card Cardholder Agreement

    Cardholder Maintenance To cancel an ECPS Procurement Card or change Cardholder information on an existing card

    Checking Pending Charges Instructions for checking pending charges with Regions Bank

    Dispute Form  Regions Bank Form to dispute posted P-Card transactions

    Documentation Requirements Minimum documentation required for Procurement Card Transactions

    Escambia County Public Schools Travel and District Procurement Card Manual

    Items Prohibited from Being Purchased with a Procurement Card

    Procurement Card Request Use to request a District Fund, Travel or Internal Account Purchasing Card

    Procurement Card Cardholder Activity Report Used to track cardholder Purchasing Card charges for statement reconciliation purposes

    Procurement Card Check Out Log To record the issuing of Purchasing Cards for use and their return to the Card Manager

    Request Purchase Utilizing Procurement Card To request a purchase of an item utilizing the Procurement Card

    Single Transaction Override Request   Instructions on how to submit a request for a Procurement Card purchase above $5,000

    Transaction Report  Instructions to obtain a Cardholder Transaction Report in Regions Bank Card Management System

    Travel Claim Procedures