Charter Bus Information

  • In order to provide Charter Bus Services to the District, a company needs to have signed our agreement (see below) and have provided us with the information stated on the document.  This is to ensure they carry the necessary insurance and that their personnel are properly licensed.  All drivers also need to be finger printed, the school needs to ensure that the company is supplying drivers who have passed this screening process.  No company should be utilized if they are not registered and supplying drivers who have been fingerprinted.

    Vendor Agreement - School notification of the terms of the Charter Bus Agreement

    Charter Bus Quote Request - Please utilize it when requesting quotes for Charter Services

    Please utilize only approved charter bus providers. A list of authorized service providers is available on the Transportation Department's website.

    All companies on our list of approved Charter Bus providers agree with the terms and conditions below.

    1. To register with the district, each carrier will be required to meet the liability requirements as set forth by the Public Safety Commission ($500,000.00) and the Interstate Commerce Commission ($5,000,000.00). This liability policy will be required to be in effect for a period covered by this agreement and at the time service is rendered.
      • An insurance certificate issued to the District along with a workers' compensation rider, must accompany the signed registration form that must be sent to the District Purchasing Department.
      • The District Purchasing Department must be provided a 30-day notice of any cancellation of insurance.
    2. Each driver shall be licensed by the State of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department or another state's motor vehicles department as a Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator. Each carrier must maintain a record of each driver’s CDL number and be able to show proof that each driver is properly licensed.
    3. All buses shall be air conditioned, clean and mechanically sound.
    4. The School District/school reserves the right to have a representative inspect the bus or buses prior to the departure, for the mechanical condition, cleanliness, etc. of the bus or buses. Buses failing to meet acceptable standards will be considered a breach of contract and will not be utilized for transporting Escambia County students.
    5. Payment Terms: Net 10 days after trip. No down payment or deposits will be charged.
    6. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, or accident, the company shall be responsible to subcontract with another carrier, if necessary, to complete its obligation. If the school/dept. has deadlines to meet, the company will take whatever action necessary to ensure deadlines are met and the destination is reached within the time required to avoid default. Default will result in the release of any financial obligation the district has with the company for the particular trip.
    7. By signing below, the company agrees to the above Scope, Terms and Conditions. Please sign and attach insurance certificate and return to The Escambia County School District, Purchasing Department, 75 North Pace Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32505.
    8. By signing, the company agrees to comply with all requirements of Sections 1012.32 and 1012.465, Florida Statutes, by certifying that the vendor and all of its employees who provide services under this contract have completed the background screening required by the referenced statutes and meet the standards established by the statutes. The certification will be provided to the school in advance of the vendor providing any services while students are present. The vendor will bear the cost of acquiring the background screening required by Section 1012.32, F.S., and any fee imposed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to maintain the fingerprints provided with respect to the vendor and its employees. The vendor will follow the procedures for obtaining employee background screening as outlined on the Escambia County Public Schools website. The vendor will provide the school with a list of its employees who have completed background screening as required by the referenced statutes and meet the statutory requirements. Vendors will update these lists in the event that any employee listed fails to meet the statutory standards or new employees who have completed the background check and met standards are added. The parties agree that in the event that the vendor fails to perform any of the duties described in this paragraph, this will constitute a material breach of the contract entitling the school to terminate immediately with no further responsibility to make payment or perform any other duties under this contract. The vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless school, its officers and employees from any liability in the form of physical injury, death, or property damage resulting from the vendor’s failure to comply with the requirements of this paragraph or Sections 1012.32 and 1012.465, Florida Statutes.