• Chick-fil-A

    Contact:                     Devin Walker, Business Growth Director
    Office Number:         (850) 484-4885
    Mobile Number:        (850) 281-5308
    Email Address:         devinwalker5454@gmail.com

    Contact:                    Bryce Grantham
    Office Number:         (850) 484-4885
    Mobile Number:        (850) 375-5232
    Email Address:         bgrantham325@gmail.com

    Jordan Valley Café

    Contact:                    Tamer Ghboun
    Mobile Number:        (850) 450-1761
    Email Address:         t_ghboun@yahoo.com
    Social Media Link:    www.facebook.com/jordanvalleytruck

    Kona Ice

    Contact:                    Karen or Russ Bartlett
    Mobile Number:        (850) 262-8100
    Email Address:         happiness@kona-ice.com
    Website:                   www.kona-ice.com

    Melt Pensacola

    Contact:                    Rachel or Kendrick Hobbs
    Office Number:         (850) 971-6358
    Mobile Number:        (850) 418-3027
    Email Address:         Meltpensacola@gmail.com
    Social Media Link:    www.facebook.com/MeltPensacola

    Note: Preferred contact method for scheduling dates is through Facebook Messenger.

    Monster Cone

    Contact:                    Brian or Tammy Chicco
    Mobile Number:        (850) 982-9902 or (850) 982-9895
    Email Address:         monsterconepensacola@gmail.com
    Social Media Link:    www.facebook.com/monsterconepensacola 

    Parking Latte

    Contact:                    Carrie Lassiter
    Mobile Number:        (850) 712-2360
    Email Address:         cml8808@gmail.com
    Social Media Link:    https://www.facebook.com/p/The-Parking-Latte-100084557324537/   

    Sweet Love

    Contact:                    Maggie Funk
    Mobile Number:       (850) 686-1978 or (850) 686-6254 /  Fax Number: 866-343-0694                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    Email Address:         URsweetlove@outlook.com

    Social Media Link:    https://www.facebook.com/ursweetlove.square.site/   


    Contact:                    Michael Hobbs
    Mobile Number:        (850) 910-4946
    Email Address:         tastebudssnacks@gmail.com
    Social Media Link:     https://www.tastebudsicecream.com/   

    Ty Family Good Eats

    Contact:                    Ursula Jones
    Office Number:         (850) 346-1031 or (850) 332-6037
    Mobile Number:        (850) 418-3388
    Email Address:         familytysgoodeats@gmail.com  

    Social Media Link:     https://www.facebook.com/famtysgoodeats/     

    Who Dat

    Email Address:         whodatpoboyspcola@gmail.com

    Social Media Link:     https://www.facebook.com/whodatpoboyspcola/     



    This information is being provided as a service to our employees and to the community. Due to its dynamic nature, we cannot guarantee the information contained herein is current or complete at all times.  Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy at the time it was posted. School and department personnel must ensure that the vendors have District security badges or approved Line-of-Sight (LOS) form(s) prior to performing services.