FAQ Schools & Departments

  • What do I say if a vendor asks for the District tax ID number?

    Answer:  The District tax ID number is printed on each purchase order. If a vendor needs additional information, refer them to the Procurement Department.

    If I receive an invoice for my order directly from the vendor, what should I do with it?

    Answer:  After checking to ensure that the correct purchase order number is listed, please forward any invoice to Accounts Payable so it can be processed for payment.

    What if there is an emergency and I don't have time to allow for the regular processing time required for the requisition/purchase order process?

    Answer:  It is possible to expedite the purchasing process. In emergency situations, call the procurement department for instructions on how to proceed.

    If the original purchase order asked for too much money, what should I do?

    Answer:  E-mail or FAX a Purchase Order Change Request Form to the Procurement Department asking for the funds to be decreased on the purchase order. Or when the final invoice has been submitted to and paid by Accounts Payable, contact the appropriate Purchasing Agent so they will know to close the purchase order and release any excess funds.

    If I need to make a change on a purchase order, what do I do?

    Answer:  E-mail the Procurement Department stating the change(s) that needs to be made.

    What should I do when my blanket purchase order has run out of money?

    Answer:  Contact the appropriate Purchasing Agent.  They may direct you to process a requisition to establish another purchase order or they may be able to increase the current purchase order.

    Are schools or departments allowed to make their own purchases?

    Answer:  The majority of all purchases are either made or approved by the Procurement Department through the use of purchase orders. (All schools and departments do have purchasing cards that allow them to make certain purchases up to $5,000.00.)