Activity Trips, Field Trips, & Bus Charters

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  • Activity Trip Contacts

    Field Trip Coordinator &
    Primary Activity Trip Contact:

    Amy Williams

    Backup Field Trip Coordinator:
    Amber Seitz

    Transportation Dispatch Office:
    Line 1, 850-469-5490
    Line 2, 850-469-5678

    Transportation Department Secretary:
    Sarah Nanny

    Sr. Route Manager:
    Jennifer Repine

    Transportation Director:
    Darlene Hart

  • Request a Field Trip (Click to Open Request Form)
    These are submitted through Liquid Forms.  When you submit a Field Trip Request, you are asking the Transportation Department to arrange both a bus *and* a driver for your trip, as well as bus assistants for trips with ESE students who need special transportation.

    Field Trip Requests Timeline & "Black-Out" Dates

    • In order to process and assign field trips in compliance with the ESP Master Contract, it is important that we receive your field trip requests a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the scheduled trip date.  Keep in mind that the request does not come directly to us when your principal approves it, and the steps between your principal and our department can add a few extra days of "travel time" to your request.  Best practice is to submit your requests as soon as you know you'll be taking a trip.

    • Field trips using Transportation Dept. drivers cannot be scheduled on any days scheduled for early release, including high school exam days (the last several days of each semester).

    • Please consult the Field Trip Deadline Calendar when scheduling any field trip.

    Field Trip Window (Times of Availability)

    • Local Daytime Weekday Trips: 9:30am-12:45pm.  Field trip drivers can be scheduled to pick up your students no earlier than 9:30am.  This is because drivers are required, by contract, to drive their complete regular route as a priority ahead of field trips.  Drivers for field trips will report to your school to pick up your students after dropping off their middle school route at the appropriate middle school.  To ensure that the drivers complete field trips in time to begin driving their afternoon regular routes, students must be delivered back to your school at the end of the field trip no later than 12:45pm.  Depending on the distance from your school to the field trip location, these times may limit how long you are able to remain at the field trip location, so please take this travel time into account when making plans.

    • Local Evening Weekday Trip: 5:30pm-until.  In most cases, drivers can be scheduled to arrive at the starting place for your evening trip by 5:30pm, as this gives the drivers time to finish delivering all the students on their regular afternoon routes before starting your trip.

    • Weekend Trips: Unspecified.  Times for weekend trips are less specific, and possible during most time windows, as long as a driver is willing and available at your requested times.

    Trip Confirmations & Emails

    • When we first receive your request, it will be added to our list of upcoming trips. When you see your trip appear on the Dashboard, you'll know we received your request.
    • Schools will be independently responsible for checking the Dashboard to ensure your trip has been received and is in process.

    • Every Friday before noon, or on the last day of school for the week in the event Friday is a holiday, an email will be sent out listing all field trips scheduled to take place the following week. This email will also contain a reminder about passenger rosters and a blank copy of the passenger roster form, as we have been doing.  A blank copy of the passenger roster can be found linked below.  This form should be completed prior to every trip, and ready to be handed to the bus driver prior to any students boarding the field trip bus.

    • Please do not wait until the "Friday before" email to take notice of your trip status!  It is our goal to have drivers assigned to all trips about 2 weeks prior to the trip, whenever possible, and this status will show on the Dashboard.  If you know you have requested a trip, check the Dashboard early and often, to ensure your request has been received and processed.

    Current Year Student Trip Guide (Click to Access Guide)
    This guide covers all the most common questions and information about field trips, and includes various printable field-trip-related forms at the end.

    *Blank* Printable Field Trip Passenger Roster (PDF)
    Mandatory to be completed and carried on the bus for the entirety of any trip involving students.

  • Submit a School-Based Bus Request (Click to Open Request Form)

    • These requests will no longer be accepted by fax, email, PDF, or on paper forms.
    • We have transitioned the request to a Google form, to streamline things on our side, and ensure that your requests are reviewed in a timely manner.
    • When you submit this request, you are asking for authorization to use a bus assigned to your school and driven by a member of your faculty/staff who is authorized to drive buses in the District.
    • The Transportation Department will *not* arrange a driver for you.
    • To ensure adequate time for approval, please submit your requests at least 1 week prior to your planned travel date.
    • If you have a school-based driver but no bus, or require the use of a designated out-of-state bus, you will also use this form.


    Activity Bus Inspection Checklist (Updated June 2023)

    School-Based Bus Handbook (Click to Access)