Transportation Department FAQs for Families & School Staff

Parent/Guardian/Family FAQs

  • ⇛ How do we find out if our child is assigned to a bus, and what their bus information is?

  • ⇛ How do we figure out where the bus stop for our neighborhood is, or find out what stops are nearby our house?

  • ⇛ We have a split custody arrangement, and sometimes our child resides with one parent, and sometimes with the other parent. How do we get bus service to both addresses?

  • ⇛ We live outside the residential zone for the school, but the student's grandmother/aunt/family friend/etc. lives inside the zone. Can my student ride the bus to their address?

  • ⇛ We live between 2 bus stops on the same bus route, but would rather use the one our child is not currently assigned to. How do we request reassignment?

  • ⇛ We have located the bus information for our address, but we are dissatisfied with the location of the bus stop. How can we get it moved?

  • ⇛ Can the bus pick up my child at the end of our driveway?

  • ⇛ We believe the bus stop is too far from our house. We can't see the bus stop from our house/yard/porch.

  • ⇛ I want my child to ride the bus, but we have been told we live in the "Walk Zone."

  • ⇛ When my child got on the bus this morning, the bus driver said they would need a Bus Ticket to ride back home in the afternoon. What's that about?

ESE & Pre-K Bus FAQs

  • ⇛ My child is ESE or has special needs and has been assigned to a bus that cannot offer the accommodations we need. How do we get my child reassigned?

  • ⇛ My child has been assigned to an ESE bus, but I don't believe they should be.

  • ⇛ Are we required to have a specific person at my ESE child's bus stop?

  • ⇛ Is my Pre-K student allowed to get off the bus by themselves, or with an older sibling?

School FAQs

  • ⇛ We have a newly-enrolled student who needs to ride the bus. How do we get them assigned to one?

  • ⇛ A bus driver is refusing to accept a Principal's Bus Ticket. What can we do?

  • ⇛ Last year we got 2 emails preceding every field trip, and this year we're only getting 1 email per week. How can I check the status of my field trips?