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  • Standard Bus Assignment for In-Zone Students

    Requesting bus assignments for students should be done as a part of the standard enrollment process or any time a student's address changes.

    • The student must be processed as Enrolled at your school before submitting a Bus Ticket Request.
    • The student's current, correct address should be added/updated in FOCUS and validated before submitting a Bus Ticket Request. Click Here for tips and information about validating addresses in FOCUS.
    • Schools may not request bus tickets for magnet school students, school choice students residing outside the school's residential attendance zone, or students who reside within the school's established walk zone.
    • For requests submitted before 12:00pm (noon), bus service is often available same-day to existing bus stops.
    • Duplicate Bus Ticket Requests for the same student/address are not necessary. Please check the status of your previous requests on the BTR Status Page [requires District login].

    Submit a Bus Ticket Request [requires District login]

    Check the Status of a Previous Request [requires District login]

    Access the Bus Ticket App to Print Bus Tickets [requires District login]

    **Regarding the Bus Ticket App** By default, all District employees whose Job Title includes either Clerk, Specialist, Secretary, Principal, Assistant Principal or Dean, will automatically be granted access to the Bus Ticket App. For custom access, please contact your Route Manager. Note: Access is available from within the District firewall only.


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    Occasionally, a student may enroll or have an address change after 12:00pm (noon), which might be too late for same-day afternoon bus service.  In those instances, a school Principal (or their designee) may issue a Single-Use Bus Pass to get the student home that day.

    Single-Use Bus Pass print & fill version  — or —  Single-Use Bus Pass type-to-fill version

    • A Single-Use Bus Pass should be considered a "last resort" when a regular Bus Ticket Request cannot be submitted before noon.
    • Single-Use Bus Passes may not be issued for...
      • Magnet School students (Cook, Brown Barge, West Florida High, PHS I.B.)
      • accommodation bus stops (anywhere other than the student’s primary home address).
      • temporary transportation arrangements (such as riding home with a friend).
      • students attending a school outside their residential attendance zone.
      • students who reside inside their school's walk-zone.
      • students needing ESE Accommodations (please submit an STS instead).
      • any address that doesn't already have an existing stop in InfoFinder for the correct school.
    • Any time a Single-Use Bus Pass is issued, a formal Bus Ticket Request should also be submitted through the Transportation Department website, to have bus service made official for the following school day.
    • **Note** Any/all previous versions of principal-issued bus tickets should be discarded and will no longer be accepted.

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  • **Note to Schools**
    For parents wanting to change bus stops or request special transportation arrangements, please direct them to our website to submit the appropriate request. We are not able to take these requests by phone.

  • School Administrator Access to Bus Routes & Rosters

    (Available two weeks after the start of the school year.)

    The District’s school bus routing software enables the Transportation Department to upload changes to routes and rosters as those changes are made on your route manager’s computer. That enables you to maintain access to the most current transportation information available. Once your route manager receives your bus tickets for new students, he/she will verify student bus stops and add them to your rosters. Routes will be automatically updated as students are added to the software.

        Note: Incorrect addresses recorded on bus tickets can result in students being delivered at wrong addresses. These errors will ultimately flag in routing software, requiring new address verification and student re-routing. Care should be taken to avoid initial processing errors by ensuring each bus ticket is verified by an authorized school official prior to placing a student on the bus.