School Bus Evacuation Drills

  • 2023-2024 School Bus Evacuation Drills Due Dates

    1st Semester: Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023    |    2nd Semester: Monday, Feb. 19, 2024

  • Department of Education Rules (par. 6A-3.017.2.d) requires school principals to conduct school bus emergency evacuation drills on each bus serving their schools each semester. As a reminder, principals must maintain documentation for all school bus evacuation drills. We expect compliance auditors to visit our school district annually to review this documentation.

    Bus evacuation drill forms will be included on the calendar reminders to all school principals, assistant principals, and secretaries. Copies of these forms can also be found to the right of these instructions.


    Step 1

    1. The principal (or designee) and school bus driver should discuss school bus evacuation with all students.
    2. Emphasize with participants the fact that these drills are to acquaint students with bus evacuation procedures and that drills are to be conducted in a safe and orderly manner.
    3. Drills must be supervised by school personnel.
    4. Evacuation drills will be held on school grounds when buses arrive at school to unload in the morning. This is the safest area for a drill evacuation.

    Step 2

    1. Upon arrival at the school, the bus driver should proceed to the designated evacuation area and remain in the bus.
    2. The driver shall stop the bus, turn off the ignition switch, set the parking brake, remove the bus key, and inform the riders an evacuation drill will be held. (This is a timed event which is two minutes or less).
    3. Students must leave all books and personal items on the bus during drills.
    4. Students who are selected to help in these drills will be briefed by the school principal and/or bus driver regarding evacuation procedures.
    5. During the exercise, the bus driver will declare an emergency. Students riding the bus will immediately cease all talking so that the instructions of the driver can be heard.
    6. Selected assistants will open the rear emergency door and assume their position on each side of the door, remaining inside the bus. (During practice drills, the students will evacuate through the front door only.) Two student assistants will be the first students to exit the school bus using the front entrance door. The remaining students will exit the bus per the bus driver's instructions.
    7. Bus drivers will remain on the bus in order to direct and maintain an orderly evacuation.
    8. Direct students to take a position approximately 100 feet away from the vehicle and well into what would normally be the right side of the road and away from all traffic as they leave the bus.
    9. Caution tall students to avoid striking the door header when unloading out of the rear door (actual emergencies only).
    10. Timing ends when all students and the bus driver have safely evacuated the bus.

    Step 3

    1. After the bus has been evacuated, the students, at the proper signal, will re-enter the bus for their books and personal belongings.
    2. Remain inside the bus until directed otherwise.
    3. The bus driver is responsible for the safety of the students. However, in an emergency, the driver might be incapacitated and not be able to direct students to evacuate. Several students on every bus route should be instructed on how to:
      • Open all emergency exit doors, roof hatches and windows (caution students to use roof hatches only if the bus is on its side or submerged in water.
      • Set the parking brake.
      • Turn off the ignition switch.
      • Use of a two-way radio system.
      • Kick out windows as additional emergency exits.
      • Help small students off the bus.
      • Account for all students.
      • Place flags and reflectors at proper distance
      • Summon help when and where needed.
      • Perform other assignments.
  • BLANK Bus Evacuation Safety Drill - DRIVER:

    • This form should be completed by the driver on the bus, one form per bus, and retained on your campus for five(5) years.
    • You SHOULD NOT submit these to the transportation department.
  • BLANK Evacuation Drills Certification - SCHOOL:

    • This form should be completed by the administrator overseeing the evacuation drills on each campus, or by their designee.
    • It is up to the principal of each school to determine the appropriate member of their faculty or staff to oversee these drills.
    • This designated person should collect the Driver forms (mentioned above) after each drill, and should complete the Evacuation Drills Certification form.
    • This form should be submitted to the transportation department by uploading it to the correct folder in the following "School Bus Evacuation Drills" Shared Google Drive: Google Shared Drive to Upload Completed Forms
    • The drive is already shared to all school principals, assistant principals, school secretaries, and many deans and behavior coaches.
    • Principals/Assistant Principals, if another member of your faculty or staff needs to be granted access, please notify, and they will be added.
    • Forms should be returned ONLY to the Shared Google drive linked above.  PLEASE DO NOT RETURN FORMS BY EMAIL OR COURIER!
    • The paper originals of these forms should be retained on your campus with the Bus Evacuation Safety Drill forms from all the buses.