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  • Important Upcoming Events

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    9-20-2023: Early Release Day for All Students

    10-9-2023: Non-Student Day, In-Service Training for all Employees

    11-1-2023: Early Release Day for All Students

    11-10-2023: Veterans Day Observed, PDO for Perm. Employees

    11-20-2023 to 11-24-2023: Fall Break & Thanksgiving Holiday

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  • 2023 On-Site Flu Clinic:

    The District has made arrangements to once again offer on-site flu clinics, available to all employees.  We must collect a list of interested employees before we can schedule our flu clinic.

    Employees not covered by the medical plan, as a convenience, can also receive the on-site flu vaccine from ProHealth for $31, and this will need to be paid at the time of the visit. However, if you have another medical plan other than the Districts', you can also go to your insurance carrier's provider network provider i.e. (CVS Minute Clinic, Walgreen's, Walmart Pharmacy, Publix Pharmacy, etc...) and the flu shot should be free, covered as part of your plans annual preventative vaccination.
    Click here to download the Vaccine Consent Form. Printed copies will also be available on the day of the clinic.
    Dates and times for the clinic will be announced as soon as we are able to schedule it. We must have at least 15 people sign up to have a clinic in our own department.  If not enough sign up, our employees will be able to visit the on-site clinic held at the main Hall Center.

  • New Baptist Hospital Opening:

    The new Baptist Hospital will be fully open for business with all operations moved to the new location, effective Monday, September 25, 2023. The new hospital is located on Brent Lane, directly across the street from Pensacola Christian College.  Keep in mind this stretch of road has numerous sets of stoplights in close proximity to one another.  Drivers in the area should be aware that traffic patterns are likely to undergo significant changes in that area over the next couple of weeks, and should be extra cautious moving through the area as traffic adjusts to the "new normal."

  • Pensacola Dragon Boat Festival 2023:

    Saturday, September 30th, 8 am to 5:30 pm at Bayview Park
    We are looking for team members who want to participate in the rowing. If you are not able to participate, we would love for you to come out and support our team. If you would like, you can donate toward your favorite team member. We will also have a tent set up. This is to help raise money for Gulf Coast Kids House and Habitat for Humanity, which is a great cause to be a part of. If you're interested, contact your Route Manager.


    When completing work outside of your normal work hours (i.e inspection, mid-day. field trips, OJT etc) make sure that you make notes on your timesheet. This keeps your timesheet approval from being delayed.

  • OTJ/Mid-Day/Field Trips:

    Make sure that when completing an OJT, Mid-day, or Field Trip that you clock out from your regular duty and then clock right back in. Once you have completed your OJT, Mid-Day, or Field Trip, clock back out and if need be clock back in for your regular duty. Please make sure that you complete a note as well. If you have any questions please contact your clerk or route manager.

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  • Wristbands to Identify New Riders

  • Notice: July 2023 DOT Physical Price Change / Closure

  • 2023-2024 Bus Bid Sessions

  • Forms & Links for Bus Employees

    Employee Benefits

    Benefits Enrollment Guide HERE

    School Start-Release Schedule

    School Start-Release Schedule HERE.

    Pre-Order ESE Equipment for Your Bus

    ESE Equipment Order Form HERE.

    Policies, Procedures, Handbooks

    Transportation Department SOP (Click HERE)
    School Bus Operator & Assistant Handbook (Click HERE)
    Florida CDL Handbook (PDF)
    Bus Radio User Guide (PDF)
    Bus Radio Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
    Cell Phone SOP (Click HERE)
    Vehicle Discrepancy Report (Click HERE)

    Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Resources

    District PBIS Website
    Florida PBS Website
    National PBIS Website


    IMPORTANT: For best results in filling out and saving form-fill PDF forms, save or download the form to your desktop, then edit the saved blank form from your computer (not your internet browser). Continue to refer to this page, however, to ensure you are using the most current version of the form.

    Minor Student Disciplinary Infractions:

    • Minor Infraction Responses Reference Sheet (PDF)
    • School Bus Behavior Log (PDF)
    • School Bus Reflection Exercise (PDF)
    • School Bus Student Discipline Report (Parent) (PDF)
    • School Bus Student Discipline Report (School) (PDF)

    Seating Charts:

    • Seating Chart - 77 Passenger (PDF; Excel)
    • Seating Chart - 65 Passenger (PDF; Excel)
    • Seating Chart - 47 Passenger (PDF; Excel)
    • Seating Chart - 29 Passenger (PDF; Excel)

    FTE Survey

    Inspection Checklists:

    • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Inspection Checklist (PDF)

    Other Forms:

    • Notification of Convicted Traffic Violation Form (PDF)


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